Scritti Politti Drummer.
Team builder.

"We didn't believe we could do it but we could see that you believed we could do it. So we went for it and it worked!"
Tom hears this a lot from delegates. He can see the energy in a group just waiting for permission to break free.


Featured in & Drummed with


“Tom’s view of the world and how he explains it is second to none.”

Nick Corston CEO STEAM Co

Drummer. Trainer. Entertainer.

Primarily Tom is all about outcomes. He's always heading somewhere surprising and using every skill he's learned, every tool he's mastered and every trick he's been hiding to get us there.

Leave your comfort zone

Smash limiting beliefs

Take risks in public

A man of many hats.

Roller skating, scuba diving, flash mob facilitation. You don't find Tom standing still much. Beyond that showman image you'll find he's passionate about some deep stuff.

Social Justice

Applied Imagination

Creative Activism

“Tom’s ability to bring harmony to a dischordant team is unparalleled.”

Juliet Jameson GSK HR