Scritti Politti Drummer.
Team builder.

"We didn't believe we could do it but we could see that you believed we could do it. So we went for it and it worked!"
Tom hears this a lot from delegates. He can see the energy in a group just waiting for permission to break free.


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“Tom’s view of the world and how he explains it is second to none.”

Nick Corston CEO STEAM Co


Drummer. Trainer. Entertainer.

Tom Morley was the original drummer and a founder member of Scritti Politti, the 80s band who were pioneers of DIY music before appearing successfully on the dance scene. He’s also recorded with David Bowie and Madness. Unlike other bands Scritti Politti used to make half their songs up on stage so from an early age Tom got used to taking risks in public. What it takes to hold your nerve when you have no idea of what’s coming next is second nature to him. One time, when there was a power-cut on stage in Berlin, Tom just kept playing a pounding beat and set up a vocal call-and-response chant with the audience. In that moment the seed for Instant Teamwork, the international arts-based team building company he set up in 1999 was sown. NYC, Moscow, Joburg, Istanbul, Paris and London are just a few of the places that Tom has drummed and harmonised with hundreds of energised teams in the last 20 years.

A man of many hats.

Science has recently proved that drummers experience the world differently. Their acute sense of rhythm means they see patterns everywhere, including patterns of behaviour.

Being able to read ‘the energy’ of a room fast Tom creates INSTANT teams, delivering INSTANT team work. He generates the most extraordinary energy and good will, and has teams performing where there are no silos, no barriers and no hierarchical limitations.

Whether he is working with a group of 10 or 200, the end result is always the same. One high performing team achieving an amazing team sound, and creating a lasting legacy.

Being a polymath Tom then explores with the group how they can take these feelings and achievements back into their place of work, thus making tangible that all important sustainable difference. He is truly original and inspiring around the topic of team building and his approach is refreshingly different and memorable!


“Tom’s ability to bring harmony to a dischordant team is unparalleled.”

Juliet Jameson GSK HR