Since 1999 Tom has worked with all the brands you see here. Berlin, Moscow, Shanghai, Istanbul, LA, London and many more have all experienced the pulse of Tom's drums and the warmth of his humour.

But don't take our word for it, see what individual clients have to say below.


“Tom got us doing creative stuff that was so off- the-wall we'd never have done it in-house. He's so natural with it though, we just couldn't refuse.” Jason White, Disney R&D

Jason White, Disney R&D


“Our people loved it, and they're STILL talking about it”

Lynne Rutter, NOKIA HR


“I truly believe the change in culture within the company began with the European roadshow work we did with Tom”

Michel Taride, Hertz European President


“To be honest we were anxious but within a minute of seeing Tom onstage, with the whole board up on their feet and smiling, we knew we'd booked the right guy.”

Juliette Jameson, GSK HR

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“Three part harmony and people running to the stage to dance. I've never seen anything like it. They were still singing in the bar at midnight.”

Tony Jackson, Adecco Comms.

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“Some facilitators you book as one-hit wonders and others you know you'll be partners in change over the coming years. I knew Tom would be in the latter category from our first event together in Vienna. The first of many worldwide.”

Paul Culleton, Head of HR, J&J


“We'd come up with some new team strap lines. Tom turned them into grooves that we all played. A hundred of us with a hundred drums. I've still got one as a ringtone on my phone a year later. ”

Jack Summers, Vodafone R&D

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“It was a sunny day and no one wanted to be inside. To our delight Tom set up a drum circle on the roof. Twenty of us in Central London, we felt like The Beatles at Abbey Road. It's pretty clear why they call him the Rockstar Activator.”

Priti Rutherford, M&S HR