Team Building

"How do you get 150 delegates from 50 territories to sing in harmony in half an hour? Ask Tom Morley, team building extraordinaire. He flew in to Helsinki and broke the ice big time with his easy humour and musical expertise. Our people loved it and they’re still talking about it".
Lynn Rutter, HR, Nokia

"Tom Morley is highly skilled in creating a safe, enjoyable space, so that we quickly felt free to take risks".
Lianne O’Connor, HR, Alliance and Leicester



Team Drumming

Increased Energy
Bonded Team
Stress Relief

If we're willing to take risks we can learn new skills together in a short amount of time, to an impressive performance level. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts -  a great team metaphor.


Team Singing

Breaking down barriers
Group achievement
Team harmony

We can achieve great things if we're willing to take a step out of our personal comfort zone. When we do this as a team we can achieve the impossible. See below for CEO results.