"Before we start. Is anyone else having a bad hair day?"

Tom may have a unique style, but he's bang on the money when it comes to getting your teams to work passionately together towards a shared vision.


"We're always impressed with Tom's creative style.
He's a speaker who certainly walks the talk and our audiences respond well to his hilarious authenticity!"

Duncan Bruce MD The Brand Conspiracy

More Confident Teams. Improved Harmony. Improved Results.

Tom was a founding member and the original
drummer of the band Scritti Politti, and has also
recorded with David Bowie and Madness. One
time, when there was a power-cut on stage in
Berlin, Tom just kept playing a pounding beat and
set up a vocal call-and-response chant with the
audience. In that moment the seed for Instant
Teamwork, the arts-based team-
building company he set up in 1999, was sown.
Through his company, Tom has helped hundreds
of groups work through internal
discord, revitalize their energy, and rebuild
connections so they can become high-performing
As a speaker and a team-builder, Tom creates
bespoke sessions for all of his engagements and
works closely with you to ensure that his talks
support and boost the energy of your messaging.
An experience with Tom is filled with music and
humor, creating a bonding experience among
peers and colleagues, that is unlike anything they
have experienced before. By the end of the
session, there will be honesty around
communication, accountability in time
management, and a revived focus when it comes
to problem-solving.
When teams are confident and have the tools to
work in harmony some see ‘measurable results’
but Tom just calls it ‘being in the groove’.
Creating Confident, Co-ordinated Teams for
Improved Outcomes
‘By the end of the session, trust is built, the
rockstar energy is activated and the team has the
tools to work together courageously and
harmoniously. They call it ‘measurable results’, I
call it ‘being in the groove’ - Tom Morley

Team Building - Virtual & Onsite


Some people say it's impossible to have a meaningful team-bonding experience virtually. Those people clearly have never met Tom Morley.

With a custom built studio set up, Tom can bring your delegate closer to the action than ever before, after all, on Zoom everyone's in the front row now.

Click here to see how Tom can deliver a high energy and safe experience to everyone in your organisation, irrespective of their location.

On site Tom transforms your event with drums, music and laughter. Everyone can join in and he can fully tailor his session around the goals or theme of your conference. E.G. 'Working in Harmony', 'Achieving The Impossible'. He will work closely with you to ensure that his talk supports and boosts the energy of your messaging. Click here to see Tom's on-site showreel.