Before we start. Is anyone else having a bad hair day?

Tom begins by letting the audience know that he knows what they're thinking.

He's also been known to open with, "Hello, my name's Tom, I don't take drugs".


"We were all very impressed with Tom's creative style. Here is a speaker who certainly walks the talk!"

Duncan Bruce MD The Brand Conspiracy

4 Speaker Topics. 

"20 years of running a Team Building company has taught me that everyone has experienced 'Imposter Syndrome' at one time or another. This leads to a reluctance to take risks at a time when employers are crying out for mindset AGILITY.
In all four talks, by different routes, I humorously entice people out of their comfort zones to a place of personal and group transformation".

Tom Morley



Starting at Art School and continuing with his experiences on stage with the 80s band Scritti Politti, David Bowie and Madness Tom describes the advantages of taking calculated risks. 50% of the songs in their performances were made up on the spot. How did they have the nerve to innovate in that way? You have to live it 100% every day, not wait for the ‘innovation session’. Tom’s stories are both hilarious and informative re: deliberately ‘living life on the edge’. Expect a few of rock’n’roll confessions.

Tom now runs a Team Building company giving people permission to try all sorts of things so their 'innovation muscles' get flexed and developed daily. In this talk people hear about, and may even get a taste of, walking on the wild side.

Get into the Groove


The GROOVE can be found at the intersection of discipline and surrender.

We all know that place of ‘flow’ when everything is clicking into place and we move from one thing to another with ease. Those days, when they happen, are great. But how do we get there at will? By the use of stories and demonstrations Tom delivers some robust take aways to benefit both individuals and teams.

If you're thinking "but I don't have a rhythmic bone in my body!", don't worry. This is all a metaphor.

Are you an autotelic or exotelic person? Setting goals and making lists may not be the only way to hit your targets. You’ll find out how to do more in less time applying Tom’s surprisingly pragmatic methods.

Instant Teamwork


“People will forget what you say and forget what you do but they’ll always remember the way you make them feel”. Maya Angelou.

No one forgets Tom. He delivers bonding EXPERIENCES with hundreds of drums that transform your event with music and laughter.

Whole conferences can be themed around this interactive approach. For example: ‘Working in Harmony’, ‘Achieving the Impossible’ and ‘Remixing The Groove’.

If this suits your needs we’d suggest Tom opens the conference with an ice-breaker (10-15 minutes), returns for the ‘graveyard slot’ session after lunch (45-60 minutes), and sends everyone on their way energised and smiling at the end of the day (10-15 minutes).

The 7-Step REMIX Process

MGV-Tom-Samba2019 copy

How do you create and maintain an agile mindset? When you see a star on stage getting the crowd going with their latest upbeat HIT song, you might think, "They have no problems at all. What a life!" However, they may be singing a different song inside.

After decades of working in the music business with artists like Scritti Politti, David Bowie and Madness Tom Morley describes some different, more private 'hits'. These are the doubts that beset us all, stars included. Help is at hand though with Tom's 7-Step REMIX Process. Everyone can now turn that sad secret ballad into a public dance classic. Described with authentic vulnerability and self-effacing humour this is a take away that everyone loves. To see the whole 7-Step REMIX Process, and even try it, click here https://tommorley.com/remix/