Before we start. Is anyone else having a bad hair day?

Tom begins by letting the audience know that he knows what they're thinking.

He's also been known to open with, "Hello, my name's Tom, I don't take drugs".


"We were all very impressed with Tom's creative style. Here is a speaker who certainly walks the talk!"

Duncan Bruce MD The Brand Conspiracy


Tom's talks cover a variety of topics, but there are definitely a few favourites with audiences.

"20 years of running a Team Building company has taught me that everyone, to certain degree, struggles with 'Imposter Syndrome'. This often leads to a reluctance to take risks in public. My speciality is to humorously entice people out of their comfort zones to a place of personal, and group, transformation".

Tom Morley

  • Instant Teamwork
  • Sustaining Team Energy
  • Developing Agile Mindsets
  • The 7-Step REMIX Process
  • Inspiring Innovation
  • Philanthropic Skullduggery
  • Social Activism