"BOWIE BEATS has the right blend of energy and hope for our time. What is every team leader crying out for? True innovation from inspired people. Tom and his gang connect us to that energy within minutes. They move collaboration from being a vague concept to a felt experience."

Jodie Rogers. Founder and Managing Director. Symbia and Partners.

Starting with the OUTCOMES

Your team feel good because they're playing with genuine musicans from the 80's. Kevin Armstrong has been Bowie's guitarist and band leader since 'Live Aid'. Tom Morley, founding drummer with Scritti Politti, continues to play on big stages entertaining huge crowds. Your people are not just watching though, they are IN the band playing drums with Tom as their drum leader. This is an interactive BOWIE BEATS show where we recreate some spectacular anthems to rock your conference.
Rebel Rebel. Changes. HEROES. You get the picture.

Unique Creative Experience

High Energy Connection

Hundreds Of Drums


Our ice-breakers are funny. People laugh and laugh during our intelligently irreverent warm-up exercises. Most delegates have a fear of speaking, or playing music, in public. This is team risk-taking on a big scale (no solos). All mistakes are deliberately drowned out in crowd laughter and team celebration. 'Imposter syndrome' doesn't get a look in. The team become empowered 'as one' while making individual breakthroughs in creative confidence.



More Laughter

Even More Laughter

Even more OUTCOMES

Post-covid, when many people prefer to work from home,  there needs to be a good reason for us to come together. Breaking out of our silos, in a facilitated way, to create something new at our conference is a very memorable experience. Onsite or online people will be talking about it for years to come.
There is an element of achieving the impossible. If you can do it once as a team you can do it again as a team when the next business challenge comes along. This is the sustainable message.

Achieving the IMPOSSIBLE

Breaking out of SILOS

Teamwork in ACTION


BOWIE BEATS, like Bowie himself, is keen to keep reinventing itself as an offer.
However, some things are fixed, like our Silver, Gold and Platinum events. All of them energise and inspire teams but at the top end we have a bigger group on stage including professional singers and percussionists, giving it a 'Broadway' or 'West End' feel.
For example, we work closely with Marke Ozmen, drummer extraordinaire, who holds it all together for everyone.
We also work with Chris Sullivan, DJ from Soho's famous 'WAG Club' where Boy George, Sade and George Michael used to hang out in the 80s, should you want to extend the show into your Gala Dinner.
Talk to us about theming your whole conference around this central BOWIE BEATS team building event.



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