VIRTUAL events online

Discovering our rockstar energy with Tom Morley was quite possibly the most virtual fun I have ever had... and I have worked from home for five years!! Considering I don’t ever listen to music this should have been everything I hated.... it was amazing! We have some mighty fine ‘rockstars’ within our M&A practice!!

Emma Price. Allen & Overy



Rockstar Activator Overview

Getting into a collective FLOW state is easy online if your people will commit to taking just one step out of their comfort zones. This session involves people standing up and stretching, which is a welcome thing in itself.

Once up Tom uses his 40 years experience on stage to keep teams engaged, relaxed and focussed. Result? A bonded team with increased energy, feeling surprised and proud of their new creativity.


How Exactly Does It Work?

In 2020 teams still need to come together in harmony. Like a tribe gathering around a camp fire. See how it's done in this clear movie with examples of teams bonding like they would at a normal conference.

With the 'latency challenge', meaning the technology isn't available to enable us to play in time together, we can however play VISUAL MUSIC. It's a paradigm shift, and great fun.


Measurable Results

A virtual conference finds everyone sitting in the front row. Tom teaches basic beats to everyone then broadcasts a popular song that features that beat straight into their homes and offices for them to play along to. Spotlighting people who are really going for it delights the whole team and gives them permission to 'let their hair down'.

Tell Tom your team's favourites and he'll  feature them in your event.


Sustain the Energy

With your permission we film the session and create a 3-minute 'pop video' using the most engaging clips of your team performing, ensuring you have an upbeat, positive record of your experience to take away.

When viewed throughout the year this acts as a trigger at the start of meetings and often has people drumming along on their desks and laptops.


Community Outreach

You may be interested to know if this works with children, families and community groups. The answer is "YES!"

Take a look. You'll see that, although this session was booked for a local children's group, the adults just couldn't resist getting involved.


Social Media Application

Do you feel the pressure to create social media content to keep your team or company 'top of mind' on LinkedIn and Instagram?

We help you get your message across in humorous and engaging ways, letting your clients know that you are human too. After all, we do business with people, not logos. Sometimes it's good to show your fun side.