Re: Engagement

The buying of an engagement ring has to be a special moment. Our challenge is to provide that ‘magic’ with social distancing in place.

Surely you can’t charge the same fee for a Keynote Speech online as you would in person. How can you guarantee the same level of engagement?

He’d been sleeping in his car. The officers engaged with him for twenty eight minutes before shooting him twice in the back.

There’s been talk of engagement on many levels this week. I’ve illustrated it with circles because if you were using this microphone onstage and you walked in front of the speakers you’d set up a feedback loop. That would create a high-pitched tone that would have everyone covering their ears as the sound circled from mic to speaker to mic to speaker.

At its height a roadie would dash to the sound desk and mute that mic, or simply unplug it.

After the clamour of Extinction Rebellion, after the mass protests for BLM Justice, and after the fights at the doors of non-essential Nike Town, we have our moment of silence.

What we fill that silence with is up to us, but let’s not make it linear.

Only a few circles create ear-piercing feedback, if we listen to the elders and get the circle right the feedback can be challenging, yes, but pragmatically enlightening when it comes to creating the future. Together.

I’m tempted to end with the song, ‘May the circle be unbroken” but that promises of a new home in the sky. I’m looking for a new home here on earth.

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