Autotelic-Exotelic Survival Guide 2020

By Tom Morley | September 14, 2020

“I have a dream.” Martin Luther King.“By any means necessary.” Malcolm X. Are you autotelic…

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The 7-Step REMIX process

By Tom Morley | August 6, 2020

The 7-Step REMIX Process How do you create and maintain an agile mindset? When you…

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Re: Engagement

By Tom Morley | June 16, 2020

The buying of an engagement ring has to be a special moment. Our challenge is…

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Tom Morley Rockstar Activator

We, the handful.

By Tom Morley | June 4, 2020

A few of us, a handful maybe, feel as if we’re benefitting from lockdown. Our…

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Make One Up!

By Tom Morley | May 29, 2020

It’s 1980 and we’ve just played our first number. I’m on stage at the Electric…

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Delightfully Random Origins of Creativity

By Tom Morley | May 28, 2020

A polymath, on waking up in the middle of the night and seeing this Mark…

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Re: Baby and Bathwater.

By Tom Morley | May 21, 2020

They say you shouldn’t but I did. Thirty years ago. I thought, “Blow this for…

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Rebel Wisdom

By Tom Morley | May 14, 2020

We call our top room, overlooking a leafy bend in the Thames, ‘The Crow’s Nest’.…

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I wake today becalmed.

By Tom Morley | May 7, 2020

I wake today becalmed. Our bed has turned into the Kon-Tiki raft. I say OUR…

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Not with a hangover!

By Tom Morley | May 1, 2020

Tom: Once I’ve got them singing I’ll invite some of them on stage to dance.…

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