The Hypnotist

Jacqueline the Hypnotist: So, you have enormous earning potential but you’re always broke. What’s that all about? What’s your first memory of money?

Tom: I used to hide my birthday money under the newspaper in our bottom drawer, beneath the jumpers at the back. My Dad would always steal it though and my brothers would laugh, saying it was too obvious.

Jacqueline the Hypnotist: Why did he steal it?

Tom: He was a drug addict. Nothing bad, just speed. They gave it to him in the war to keep him awake on bombing missions. RAF. You could buy it over the counter when WW2 ended. Dexedrine. That’s where the name ‘Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ comes from by the way. You know. Dungarees. Come on Eileen.

Jacqueline: Fascinating. So what did your Mum say about this?

Tom: We all had to keep quiet about it or all hell broke loose. He didn’t like to be challenged, we kind of tip toed around him to keep the peace.

Jacqueline: So money, when you were five, meant trouble. Tension.

Tom: Yes, it was better to have none at all. I didn’t feel safe if I had money. But look, shouldn’t you be hypnotising me to find all this out from my subconscious? I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of it for years, and you seem to have got it out of me in 5 minutes.

Jacqueline: Do you still think it’s safer to have no money?

Tom: In a way, yes. But, in a more accurate way, no.

Jacqueline: We’ll hypnotise you next time. I think this will be quite simple. Wednesday at 4 o’clock?

Tom: I’m not sure. My diary sometimes doesn’t come up on my phone like my laptop, you know what it’s like.

Jacqueline: I’m putting in 4 o’clock on Wednesday. See you then.

Jacqueline: That was good, you respond really well to hypnosis. You worked really hard, I’m proud of you. How do you feel?

Tom: A bit weird, that was quite a journey.

Jacqueline: It was.

Tom: I guess I don’t need to make any notes.

Jacqueline: Correct. It’s all been fixed on a subconscious level.

Tom: Cool.

Jacqueline: Remember me when you make your first million. You might feel strange for a few minutes Tom, so take it easy. You’re about to walk through the wall by the way. The door is over there.

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