Peace One Day

Jeremy Gilley from ‘Peace One Day’ jumps out of his black cab looking as stylish as ever. I see him through the gleaming front doors. This guy’s energy is something to behold. He’s in the foyer networking within ten seconds of arrival. J’s speed of engagement is mesmerising to someone like me who was once told by a school teacher, “Morley, you’re too slow to catch a cold!”

“Tom. I saw you in the schedule. How’s it going? You’re a brave man. I couldn’t do it.” He opens up a memo App on his phone, “Debbie. Go to YouTube and search for ‘Tom Morley Peace Flashmob Trafalgar Square’. There’ll be several videos. Let’s share one a day this coming week. Thanks.”

You meet people like this don’t you? I always think. “What am I doing with my life? How come I never finish anything? And where did he get that beautiful jacket?”

We grab a drink at the state-of-the-art coffee station. “I can’t stay long mate but I’ll be handing over to you, what do you want me to say?”

I tell Jeremy about my ‘Rockstar Activator’ rebrand. How it’s all about bringing out the inner rockstar in people, which is what I’ll be doing here today at this ‘Disruption’ event at the most glorious multi-media venue in London, Paddington Works. I’ve got drums hidden in the wings and I’ll be inviting volunteers, total beginners, to learn to drum live with me to groove up the whole auditorium. If they’ve booked disruption they’re getting disruption. There’s talking and there’s walking the talk. “Like you Jeremy I lean towards the latter”.

“Got it mate”. He’s looking over my shoulder. “I think we’re on”

As usual J is a total inspiration. The crowd love him. As he gets to the end of his speech he says, “But it’s all very well having a passion. It’s all very well having a vision and a message to share with the world…” I guess my cue is coming, and I wonder what he’s going to say.

“But how do you draw a crowd? How do you disrupt someone’s day and draw them close enough to picture something bold and new? How do you provide the safety and the space to feel what it would be like if your ‘impossible’ vision became a reality? I want to introduce you to someone who knows how to do this, the rockstar activator himself, Mister Tom Morley. Because who do you call when your heart is TRUE and your cause is JUST? A drummer!”

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